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Mui Kee Congee

Coming all the way from Hong Kong, Mui Kee Congee is now open for business in Singapore! Be prepared to queue because they’re really popular with both the younger and older generations (particularly the latter because of the authentic Cantonese taste).

Mui Kee Congee interior

Before I go on to the food, must say I’m impressed with the amount of effort put into the decor. While you dine, you’re somehow transported to Hong Kong particularly when it’s crowded and everyone’s talking at once.

Mui Kee Congee the food

The Food

The wonderful thing about the congee in Mui Kee is how much effort goes into that bowl that’s served in front of you. Each bowl of congee is meticulously prepared from scratch and takes a whopping 5 whole hours to prepare. To add, every bowl of congee has that wok hei taste to give it a slightly smoky but not too overpowering complexity.

Mui Kee Congee parrot fish congee

Parrot Fish Belly Congee, $11.80

If you’re thinking of the Parrot Fish that some people keep as pets, don’t. I thought that it was but I was assured that I was mistaken. For $11.90, you get a generous portion of thick and hearty fish slices swimming around a delicious fish bone and pork broth congee.

Mui Kee Congee century egg

Century Egg With Pickled Ginger, $2

I find century egg is somewhat like a durian or beer, you either like it, or you hate it. I happen to like it A LOT. The difference between Mui Kee’s century egg and the ones served at other places lies in the yolk. These eggs are flown in from Hong Kong and have a soft and creamy yolk with a jelly like egg white (black in this case). Don’t ignore the ginger because that’s the element of the dish that takes away the richness of the meal and refreshes your palate for even more food!

Mui Kee Congee scallops

Scallops. $14

If you’re feeling a little fancy, order the scallops. This was my personal favorite of the lot. It takes little effort to consume them as they melt in your mouth upon contact but still maintains some form of springiness in each bite. Oh and it’s so sweet! Love it!

Mui Kee Congee chee cheong fun

Shrimp Chee Cheong Fun, $5.50

A crowd favorite in both Hong Kong and Singapore that will forever withstand the test of time. The Chee Cheong Fun at Mui Kee is handmade and super tasty! The rice noodles are light and thin so the only danger is eating too much without actually realizing it!

Mui Kee Congee the crowd

Is the juice worth the squeeze?

YES! Sure it might be a little pricy compared to like your neighbourhood market congee but the taste is undeniable! Judging by the number of people queueing up to eat at Mui Kee Congee everyday, Singaporeans seem to think so too!


Mui Kee Congee
Shaw Centre
1 Scotts Road #01-12, Singapore 228208
Tel : 6737 2422


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