Each of us have different Christmas traditions that we stick to each year. Be it decorating the Christmas tree or making homemade pastries, we all celebrate our yearly traditions come 25th of December.

A Christmas tradition that most malls observe is the putting up of decorations to help shoppers get into the festive spirit. All this started in the 1980s, when an annual competition is held in Orchard Road to be the Best Dressed Mall.

We decided to take part in this merry-making, and have come up with a list of the best places for you to take snaps with your loved ones.

ION Orchard

Celebrating an Explorer’s Christmas at ION Orchard, shoppers can hop onto the Grand ION Orchard Express and let their imagination take flight.

This locomotive is an old English steam train complete with smoke from its chimney. If you’re lucky, you can catch it going choo-choo! at scheduled intervals.

Hop off the Express and delve into a land of Christmas paradise. This is the land where you get the gifts that you have always wanted!

Oh, there’s a hot air balloon that is sure to sweep you off your feet.

Something rose gold, shimmery and extremely photogenic is the 20-metre tall Pandora tree, adorned with Pandora’s Petite Memories floating lockets.

This is an interactive tree, and shoppers can step into the tree to take snaps of the 360 degree projected light show.

Wheelock Place

Across the road, Wheelock Place celebrates a Jingle Jangle Christmas.

It is an Xmas wonderland here with cute toy-themed decorations.


Who would have thought Santa’s helpers played music too?

Stuffed teddy bears sit in open gift boxes, on their way to plaster a smile on a child’s face.

Catch nutcrackers and mini snowmen zooming around on ice skates. Whee!


’Tis the season to shine, and Paragon is all decked out in her best.

Celebrate Christmas in sparkling style, where white fairy lights help to create a magical and enchanting effect for your photos.

I must say, I’m really loving the “white Christmas” theme. It somehow mimics the snow that we all would love to see in Singapore.

Mandarin Gallery

Based on the theme of Allure of Christmas, gifts take centre stage in the decorations here at Mandarin Gallery.

And when I say centrestage, I mean really large presents flanking the entrance of the mall.

By using only geometric lines and shapes, the decorations are simple yet beautiful.

Furthermore, they help to enhance your selfies by leading the eyes to your face. You are sure to look good no matter the angle!


Stormtrooper have conquered Fraser Centrepoint Malls this season. Is being thrilled the right way to feel in this sort of situation?

I mean, look at the life-sized figures of Stormtroopers, all poised for action. Call me a nerd, but I got the chills just looking at them lining up in formation.

Besides Stormtroopers, one can catch fighter jets on display.

No Star Wars exhibition is complete without a lightsaber showcase. Red or blue, which would you choose?

Additionally, if you are observant enough, you can spot more lightsabers in the form of LED lights hanging from the ceiling.

One can also spot Xmas trees customised with BB-8 baubles.

What a great way to set the mood for the upcoming Star Wars movie!


Do keep a lookout for these decorations if you happen to be doing your Christmas shopping in the area. Happy snapping and Merry Christmas from The Mbassadors!

Pei Xia
Written by Pei Xia
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