lush halloween and christmas releases

Have a Lush Halloween and Christmas This Year

To be honest, I always get an overwhelming feeling whenever I enter Lush. There’s always many exciting things happening throughout the year. If you visit a Lush store, it will be impossible to leave with just one item, trust me.

lush store

What’s New

Lush’s new Naked completely eliminates packaging and waste by transforming shower gels, lotions and facial oils into a solid product. Lush has introduced some Christmas product changes, with some of the usual favorites coming in two versions: naked and bottled.

lush naked

Right:  Santa’s Christmas (Naked)

Some people might think that the naked shower gels look exactly like soaps. Are they trying to trick us and make us think that it is different? Well, the thing that makes Naked different from your usual Lush bar soap is apparently the base.

lush hedgewitch

Let’s Break It Down

The bar soap base is usually made from coconut oil and rapeseed oil. On the other hand, the naked version is made from guar gum, propylene glycol and sodium cocoamphoacetate. So what does that actually mean? The Naked shower gels have most of the ingredients found in the liquid versions albeit slight differences. Propylene glycol, a humectant, attracts and retains moisture in the skin and is also an ingredient in the gel.

lush christmas collection

Christmas collection (L to R): Santa’s Christmas (Naked), Magic Wand, Rose Jam (Naked), The Magic of Christmas, Snow Fairy (Naked)

Get Naked

Some of the products that are transformed into the Naked version include returning favourites Rose Jam, Bubbly, Snow Fairy, and Twilight shower gels. One of the most sought after and hyped up shower gel at christmas time, snow fairy will add a bit of sparkle and fun to the whole experience. Once lathered up, you will be completely enveloped with it’s candy sweet scent. There is also Santa’s Christmas shower gel, which is spicy with black pepper, and aniseed, mixed with orange coffee infusion. We tried it and it smells amazingly like Coca Cola!


lush bewitched

Christmas collection (Top L to R): Star Light Star Bright Bath Melt, Santa’s Belly, Shades of Gold Frankincense & Myrrh Halloween collection (Bottom L to R): Bewitched, Sparkly Pumpkin’


Cat lovers will love this gorgeous bubble bar that Lush created for this holiday season. Bewitched, the cute little black cat bar, has a blackberry scent and dissolves completely in water leaving you with a mysterious charcoal black bath with silver sparkles. Then there’s Star Light Star Bright Bath Melt, a popular bath melt that has finally made a comeback. If your body is in need of some desperate moisture, add this murumuru butter, chinese ginger and lime oil melt to your tub.

Apart from those, we are also loving Santa’s Belly, another returning favourite, and Shades of Gold Frankincense & Myrrh, which is a lip block. The organic jojoba oil based lip block comes in other shades too but we thought that the gold looks pretty cool and seems fitting for the festive season. To apply, simply use a brush or with a finger to glide onto lips. You can wear it on it’s own but reviews say that they look good on top of lipstick.

lush magic wand

Whether you’re looking to spice up your tub time with a cinnamon-y pumpkin bath bomb or detox your skin in the shower with a charcoal-based Magic Wand soap, there’s at least one product for everyone in this lineup.

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