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Recently, I wrote about repercussions in a previous post, and it seems the Karma train is still chugging!

Earlier this year on the 21st of April, a Mr. Chow Chuin Yee, 45, and Ms.Tay Puay Leng, also known as Zheng Peiling, 38, got into a little scuffle at Lorong 8 Toa Payoh Hawker Centre over a table.

I repeat,


For the full video of the “episode” CLICK HERE !

Clearly seen in the video, Ms. Tay is having a dispute with one Mr. Ng Ai Hua, 76. After a few seconds, a man, now identified as Mr. Chow Chuin Yee, enters from the left and shoulder checks Mr. Ng from behind! (Really man, from behind? Pfft. *eyerolls*)

After watching the video, it is seems as though Mr. Ng simply wanted to share the table, which Ms. Tay didn’t seem too excited about.

The issue blew up, and the pair were identified, having recently been brought to justice.

The Aftermath

Mr. Chow Chuin Yee and Ms.Tay Puay Leng both were required to appear in court on the 11th of August, where they were issued fines of S$1,500 and S$1,200 respectively.

After their hearing, Ms. Tay spoke to reporters outside the courthouse, expressing “relief that it’s over.”

For the full article, CLICK HERE !

This is where things take a turn for the worse.

Crocodile Tears

Ms. Tay then goes on to express her remorse, but gets choked up. Teary-eyed, she explains that she reacted the way she did due to stress from being the sole caregiver to her grandmother, who is very elderly and has dementia.

However, netizens seem to be sceptical over the authenticity of her public apology. It is observable that at the 7 second mark, she seems to force a cry, whereas before that, she seemed normal.

Although not questioning the validity of her literal ‘grandmother story’, I also find it highly suspect that as the sole caregiver to her elderly grandmother, she would treat another elderly person the way she did! Also, if she truly wanted “a quick dinner to go back to take care of her”, would she have had the time to get into an argument?

My Opinion

So here is what I think might be going on:

She is not remorseful for her actions. She is remorseful about having to pay a S$1,200 fine, which in my humble opinion, is far too small a fee to make one truly and deeply regret their actions and learn from their mistakes, and embarrassed to have been thrown into the public eye over the incident.

It would seem that, from the general reaction of netizens, I’m not the only one who thinks her reaction is b***s***.

However, putting myself in her shoes, I can understand why she did it.

To appear in front of a nation seemingly un-remorseful after everything that has unfolded would have only tarnished her image and reputation even more that it’s already been. Tears, reptilian in nature or otherwise, are the clearest way to show remorse, but perhaps, she might have overdone it just a touch.

That begs the question:

What Should She Have Done?

Perhaps a deeply sincere, non-teary eyed apology and a plan to compensate the victim would have struck a chord better than her chosen actions have.

Reiterating my point about repercussions, please always try to think of your actions and the consequences you could bring upon yourself, lest you end up on STOMP and have me write one of these posts about you too!

Was she really remorseful? Share this post and tell us what you think!

Written by Ian
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