White Sneakers

Back in my day, if you wore a pair of colored sneakers to school, you were considered a bad ass. Recently however, there’s been an exponential increase in the popularity of classic white sneakers. Ironically,  I remember a time when I couldn’t wait to get rid of my white sneakers.

If you can’t beat them, join them! So I’m going through a list of options before I make a purchase decision. Thought I’d share said list with you.

Saint Lauren SL/01 Sneakers

White Sneakers Saint Lauren SL/01


A pretty minimalist shoe for a hefty price but on the upside, their brand logo is visible on the shoe tongue. I don’t know whether I want to blow $495 on a pair of white shoes that will get dirty REALLY easily though.

Adidas Superstar

White Sneakers Adidas Superstar


Now this is truly a classic. But somehow it feels a little too simple for me. I’ve included the Superstar in the list purely because of price.

Adidas Stan Smith Boost Primeknit Sneakers

White Sneakers Adidas Stan Smith Boost Primeknit Sneakers


I’m not being biased. I just happen to like this one a fair bit. A small splash of color at the tongue and just above the heel makes this shoe really stand out.

This model is one of the latest models in the Stan Smith line of sneakers. These sneakers are meant for tennis but no one wears them for tennis anymore.

Nike Air Force 1

White Sneakers Nike Air Force 1


And then there’s the Air Force 1 that’s really chunky and loud. Wear this and people will definitely take notice. It’s also good to have a pair of high cut sneakers in your shoe cabinet to mix it up a little.

Superga 2750 White

White Sneakers Superga 2750


I’ve never owned a Superga before. It looks really sleek and I’m not too sure whether it’ll fit my current style. It’s really cheap though, maybe I’ll get it just for fun.

Common Projects Original Achilles Leather Sneakers

White Sneakers Common Projects Original Achilles Leather


This pair of sneakers by Common Projects are casual but with a smart-ish edge. You could wear a suit with this with no problem or if it’s dress down day, it’ll look great with a simple denim pair of jeans and a button down too. Talk about versatility!

Gucci Crocodile Trimmed Leather Sneakers

White Sneakers Gucci Crocodile Trimmed Leather Sneakers


This is pretty iconic and speaks for itself. It’s not a full white pair of sneakers though but walk through the streets and you’ll either see eyes of admiration or glares of anger (stay away from the latter, they will step on your shoes out of spite). Once again a pretty hefty price tag but that’s a given, factoring how it was made.

Lacoste Men’s L.12.12 Premium Leather Sneakers

White Sneakers Lacoste Men's L.12.12 Premium Leather Sneakers


“That crocodile” is one logo that most if not everyone can identify easily. The only thing I dislike about their shoe designs are their similarity and risk aversiveness to be a little more creative. One might argue that it maintains the element of timelessness and I’d have to admit, their sneakers do look pretty suave on me.

Decisions Decisions

That’s my list so far. Still haven’t made a decision but I’m going to place an order by next week. If anyone has any suggestions, the time to say so is NOW (in the comments section below)

Written by James
James is writing about himself now. James is not shy. Be like James. Graduated in 2014 from The University of Western Australia with an Arts Degree (Marketing, Media & Communication Studies). James spent many a day dreaming that he would strike the lottery and “chill out” the rest of his life but as of present, he’s still dreaming. He has a day job though! James is not a bum. Besides being a narcissist, James is more a glutton, he loves food and reviewing food but peas will always be the worst he says. However, if you must know, he was a contributor to a food magazine prior to his current full-time job so trust James.