artificial pheromones

Artificial pheromones. That’s what colognes for men are. Colognes have been used to attack a more primal instinct in the opposite sex to elicit specific behaviors or responses (particularly sexual arousal).

So what scents work and what don’t? It’s all subjective really. Ever heard of the term, one man’s meat is another man’s poison? Likewise, women may like or hate a particular scent.

In my collection, I have a couple which generally lean towards the “like” spectrum. Check them out below!

artificial pheromones fahrenheit cologne for men

Fahrenheit by Dior

Try this out on days when you’re wearing warm or pretty neutral tones. It’s scent has a woody, musky and somewhat floral whiff. After you’ve sprayed it on wherever you like (I usually go forearms, neck and behind my ears), you’ll feel an extremely warm sensation creeping over said area.

This scent really packs a punch with its strength and can last throughout the whole day. Some people might feel it’s a bit overbearing but the muskiness can definitely increase sexual tension. Also, this scent has been around since 1988 and currently still in production! If that doesn’t speak for its appeal then I don’t know what else will.

Great for a night out in the club!

artificial pheromones sauvage colognes for men

Sauvage by Dior

I know how this looks. No I’m not a Dior fanatic, I just happened to like how these 2 smell. Sauvage seems more like the total opposite of Fahrenheit. It smells manly albeit with cooler and calmer notes. I usually wear this scent on days when I’m wearing cool tones to augment my outfit.

Sauvage creates good vibes between individuals and can bring them closer together. I find people generally commenting that I smell nice when I wear Sauvage.

Great for an outing with friends!

artificial pheromones Just different cologne for men

Hugo Boss “Just Different”

This is based off a classic Hugo scent I used to wear when I was a teenager. The scent of Hugo is very distinct but my pre-conceived notion of this particular scent is that it’s a “youngster” scent. I usually wear this when I want to feel young (That usually happens often) and probably reminisce about the past.

“Just Different” is a fun scent. It’s a good fallback scent if you can’t decide what you’ll like to smell like for the day. I would recommend this for extroverts. If you’re shy and introverted, this scent would not do you good. People get drawn to you and you might just freak out.

Great for all occasions!

artificial pheromones Bleu cologne for men
Chanel Bleu

Bleu is a clear cut office scent for me. It has a nice cool and refreshing aroma with strong woody notes. It’s great for ALL the mornings when you just don’t want to go to work, remain home and sleep. Just a slight whiff can help revitalize you… slightly.

It also speaks sophistication and has a real professional image like scent. So if you have a meeting that particular day, douse yourself with it.

Great for corporate life!

artificial pheromones Fierce cologne for men

Fierce by Abercrombie & Fitch

This is my FAVORITE one! Fierce carries really strong woody and musky characteristics and it smells great! It can easily last me the whole day and I usually wear it when I’m sporting an Abercrombie tee or tee shirts in general (interchangeable with my Hugo fragrance).

Fierce is an extremely sexy scent. Not that popular with older people but youngsters (like me) love it. There’s a scent by Tom Ford in the market that smells very similar to this but I cannot seem to place my nose on the exact name.

I just finished this 2 weeks ago, I need to restock!

Written by James
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