Bangkok Planning

It’s my turn to head over to Bangkok next week and I’ll be there for 2 days with barely any time for rest and relaxation. So what do you do when you’re going on a short trip with limited time? Pre-Trip Bangkok Planning of course!

Compile a short list of things you definitely HAVE to do and then a list of things you’d like to do but won’t have any adverse effects on you if you can’t.


I’m deciding between a couple of clubs that have piqued my interest. One may argue that it’s dangerous to club alone in Bangkok but don’t worry about me. I’m a big boy.

Bangkok Planning Onxy @RCA for EDM

Onxy @ RCA

If you love EDM, this is the place to spend your night. The club is decked with CO2 cannons, confetti drops and laser shows. The perfect combination for all you bass lovers.

The crowd at Onyx consists mostly of local Thais and the occasional foreigners (that would be me if I choose to go here).

Entry costs 400 to 500 baht (20SGD) and comes with your standard drinks coupons. Depending on the timing of my meeting the next day, I’ll probably pop a bottle of bubbles or something.

Bangkok Planning insanity nightclub in Bangkok

Insanity @ Sukhumvit

Similar to Onyx, Insanity features EDM tracks but include hip hop and house based on the reception of the party goers.

Since it’s located near renowned Nana and Soi Cowboy, you’ll find many foreign males patrons here as Insanity closes much later than other clubs. Based on reviews that I’ve heard and read, Insanity prides themselves for their tip top service so that’s definitely a plus for me.

Entry fees are 300 baht (12SGD) and comes with one free drink.

Fun aside, there’s one particular restaurant that I MUST go to this time round and that’s

Bangkok Planning Bo Lan, a must try

Bo Lan

Sounding like something crude to in a Singaporean context, Bo Lan is a famous restaurant that even local people label as one of the best restaurants in Bangkok.

I’m super stoked to try the local Thai dishes created by head chefs ‘Bo’ and ‘Dylan Jones’. Bo Lan is a combination of their names if you didn’t realize. Check their website out and just look at the beautiful dishes! I’m pretty certain they look as good as they taste!

Check out their website!


Let’s Relax Spa

If I have the spare time, I’d like to go to one of the Let’s Relax Spa outlets for a pamper me package! Pong, one of our lovely contributors wrote a really enticing article about them and I’m sold. Take my money!

You can read his awesome article here!

With the limited amount of time I have, I’d say it’s a pretty decent plan that I worked out.

Written by James
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