the impossible dresscode

Based in the UK, The Impossible magic show is truly an exhilarating performance for all ages and I’m glad that they decided to do its first tour to Asia.

The line-up includes Explosive Street Magician Magical Bones, Daredevil and Escapologist Jonathan Goodwin, Cutting-edge Conjurer Sabine van Diemen, Grand Illusionist Josephine Lee, Boundary Breaking Magician Ben Hart, and Mind-blowing Mind-reader Chris Cox.

The Impossible magic show


So when I bought my rather pricey tickets, the ticket stated that the show would be held at Kallang Theatre. What does one wear to the Kallang Theatre? If it was Marina Bay Sands Theatre or Esplanade, definitely formal wear required, but Kallang Theatre?

I used the price of the ticket ($169) to determine what I would wear as I’ve never been to Kallang Theatre before.

I went with a safe option and went smart casual.

The impossible dresscode Black Button Down Shirt

1. Black shirt tailored at Ai Lee Tailors

All my shirts are tailored at Ai Lee over at Seah Im Food Centre just opposite Vivocity. The cost to tailor shirts and pants there are dirt cheap and they’re pretty good quality too.

The impossible dresscode Dark Blue Jeans

2. Dark blue jeans from Uniqlo

The color runs but I love the color. Thank god I’m wearing cheap sneakers so I don’t really care how much blue color get transferred over to the sneakers.

The impossible dresscode White Shoes Pull and Bear

3. White sneakers from Pull & Bear

This was an impulse buy as I was looking for a pair of white sneakers and it cost me like 39 bucks. I can pass it over to the Salvation Army whenever I feel sick of it with no heartaches.

A seemingly good choice in my opinion but the entrance of the Kallang Theatre looked like a Community Centre Most people were wearing t-shirts, jeans and even berms. Not to mention, there were heaps of children running amok all over the place.


The Impossible was great, I think I was the only idiot going “WOW!” and “OH SHIT!” (rather audibly) when the magicians performed their tricks. Most acts required volunteers but like every one of the audience, when the magicians asked for volunteers, I wanted to be picked but didn’t want to appear too eager and raise my hand in the air and of course, I didn’t get picked (Even though I was nicely dressed).

On that note, for future events at Kallang Theatre, T-shirts, jeans and sneakers will suffice. Throw in a jacket as it can get pretty chilly in the theatre.

Written by James
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